Welcome to the Egyptian Parliament – مرحب بيك فى مجلس الشعب

مرحب بيك فى مجلس الشعب….حيث يجلس النواب على المصطبة

This is just great, i received this email from my cousin, with pictures from the parliament taken from Dream TV with a water mark of “El masa2″

With this going on:

  • Ahmed Nazif (أحمد نظيف) the Prime Minister, Boutros Ghali and others are eating “lebb w fosdo2″ this is nuts!!!(in every meaning of the word) :P
  • Mostafa el Fekki (مصطفى الفقى) and others sleeping

Have a look here

Boutros Ghali

Ahmed Nazif

Sleeping at the parliament

Sleeping at the parliament

Sleeping at the parliament

How sweet!!! look at the angels sleeping!!! a$$ h0l3!!!

Not to forget, that guy who wanted to remove the taxes on their cars so they can import fancy cheap cars :)

And the other who was a drug dealer

Or the one with the “Peace Ferry” (عبارة السلام)

And many MANY more…. is this is where you want your tax money to go to? Do yourself a favor, cheat on your taxes, cheat the government, try to rip them off as much as they do to you…and don’t worry, I give you the authority to do this :P law 7ad 2alak ay 7aga,, 2olo achraf el kashef bas,,,,

begad ba2a 7aram ely beye7sal fel balad da….we have to do something… something like leave the country or so :P

And you know what the government reaction will be? I bet you they will not allow photographing\media in the parliament anymore.

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  1. omg!!!! heya elbalad mesh bayza men layel

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