Hacking Facebook…Exposed!!

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Hacking Facebook…Exposed!!

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  1. What do you mean inurl:id=XXXXX ?

  2. like this:

    site:facebook.com inurl:album inurl:id=123456789

    where the number 123456789= the ID of the person you are searching for…you can read above to know how to get some one’s ID

  3. I am trying to view a friends photo album using google.com but it doesn’t seem to be working for me and i really want to view this persons photo album. Here is there ID NUMBER# 820975315.
    Thanks to anybody that can help me.

  4. this is really really useful

  5. Bob Johnson:
    this only works if google had the chance to index the album by this user.

    enjoy :)

  6. […] in case you want to check if someone blocked you, or deactivated their account (you can read here to check how to find if someone blocked you or deactivated their […]

  7. i have a questions that i don’t think has been answered yet.

    basically, a name on my friends list disappeared for about 2 weeks. i thought i might have been blocked when they weren’t on my list, their posts on my wall were gone, and their name didn’t show up in a search. i thought that was that, and forgot all about it.

    today, 2 weeks later, i see her on my newsfeed and she’s mysteriously back on my friends list. how was this person able to “block” me, then get back on my friends list without sending me a friend request?

  8. well, probably the account was deactivated, then reactivated again after 2 weeks….
    you can try that yourself, from the account page
    you can disable your account (for any reason you choose) and enable it again by just logging in.

  9. Hi i dont know if anyone can help me but i am trying to find a way of getting photos of my children off my sisters facebook site, can anyone help?

  10. so what happens if my friend blocked another friend of mine…will this blocked friend be able to see her posts on my wall? will she appear to the blocked friend on my friend list?

  11. jane:
    yes as long as you didnt block “him\her” he can see the posts on your wall…if your other friend has blocked, in that case the posts between the two other friends of yours will not be seen.

  12. how do you find out someone’s id who has already blocked you?

  13. hmm, well i don’t know a direct way now… but you can try doing so from another account.

    That’s why i made the other post and tool to backup your friends list, so when you need it, you find it :)

  14. hi,
    how can i open a restricted facebook profile.
    i don’t want to poke him or message him, all i want is to check his profile picture.
    can anyone help me please

  15. the profile picture is displayed in search…..(in case you’re not blocked & the privacy settings allow viewing the profile pic)
    if not, then you’re out of luck :) you can try to search google for a cached page :)

  16. Hi,

    Do you know of any technique to get the user-ids of the people who posted on your wall?

  17. well, yes, i guess it will be the same way as getting the ID from people in the friends list, just a few changes to the code maybe….should be easy


    i will do it if i could spare some time later on.

  18. we have a whole section for facebook hacking at http://xssworm.com

  19. How to know the user-ids of the people who posted on others’ wall? Plus how to see those users’ photos & albums

  20. Hello, very useful this! But here is my scenario! Can you shed some light?

    A girl who I know had a very low privacy account, I could see her profile without being her friend. Recently I thought that she must have turned up her settings as when I tried to access her profile from another of my fiend’s wall I couldn’t as her name is no longer hyperlinked and has a ? for her picture. I was going to add her as a friend but she doesn’t appear in any of my friends friend lists any more or in a search.

    So I’m confused…her wall posts are there, she does not appear in a search or on my own friend’s friendlists (well to me anyway)…has she blocked me or deactivated her account??

    Is it possible to not appear in friend’s friendlists to non friends?


  21. Hello

    Is there anyway I can check who viewed my profile or my photo albums.
    I’d really appreciate’t if some one can help me on this.

  22. hey is there anyway i can see the proper minifeed of a friend who has increased their privacy settings which prevents me from seeing things like on whose wall they wrote etc.?

  23. so I tried to search for someones private tagged photos on facebook with the google search and it didn’t work. I also tried finding a picture that they were tagged in and altering the URL to view the rest of that album, but that didn’t work either. Anyway I can view someone’s private tagged photos, I can access the person’s profile (bc I’m in the same network) and I have access to one picture that he is tagged in. Thanks

  24. with regard to seeing someone’s album, should i put in the search string

    site:facebook.com inurl:album inurl:XXXXXXXXX

    i can’t seem to find anything that will pop up, and only using the site:facebook.com inurl:album will bring up various users, nothing of particular interest.

  25. well, it will only work if google has had the chance to index that specific person’s account…
    so if you find no result, this means it has not been indexed…. :) but you can try

  26. Yeah, the problem I’ve been finding is Facebook upped its security anti, and now most conventional hacking mechanisms no longer work. They have totally secured private photo albums and profiles as of what appears to be sometime yesterday.

  27. i must say Facebook have fascinated me with their new security\privacy additions quite a few times :)
    I am not using facebook on a day-to-day basis to notice all the changes, but i think it’s going in a right direction :)

  28. I agree, while it’s a pain if you’re trying to do something like this, it’s nice to know Facebook has my privacy’s best interest at heart.

  29. I’ve noticed that as I try to enter in a friend’s id number in the web address as has been suggested, Facebook now just takes me to http://www.facebook.com/home.php? every time– I have tried several different ways of doing this (I was actually writing a personal VB app to help me send messages using email, Facebook, etc.) but just entering the url doesn’t seem to work. Has this aspect of Facebook been changed or am I doing something wrong?

  30. am sorry, but which web address you are trying?
    the URL of the home.php is usually where facebook redirects when something goes wrong.

  31. thx alllllllotz
    Hossam Baroudi

  32. I NEED A VERY SIMPLE ANSWER FOR A VERY SIMPLE QUESTION: How can i view a persons profile and pictures if they arent my friend and they account is private?

  33. Jesse: Here’s your VERY SIMPLE ANSWER
    ” am sorry, you can’t ” :)

  34. i have added some one as a friend & i wanna see his profile or his albums
    can u help me?

  35. he does n’t accept my friend request & he doesn’t reject it
    & i wanna know if he seeing my profile & my albums or not
    & i wanna know if i can see my profile visitor or not

  36. tarek: well, how do you know that he is not rejecting it? :)
    no, if he’s not in your friends list you CANNOT see his profile…unless off course he has a public profile, which anyone could see (except those that he has blocked)

  37. Sad:(

  38. I am hoping that someone DOES have a way of viewing someones profile if there not on your list. Anyone other than charafantah??

  39. I’m was friends with this person but we never posted on each other’s walls. Instead we wrote private messages to each other. Now I can’t search for them and we are no longer friends. How do I tell if they blocked me or deactivated their account based on this?

  40. someone blocked me. Yet a few months later it seems that he unblocked me. Does that mean he unblocked me or could it be a screw up in the search….Is there anyways of finding out who is blocking you if your not on there lisa and they are apearing in the search

  41. if he appears in search then he is not blocking you
    probably just removed your friendship or maybe unblocked you

  42. well, i just find it wierd that he unclocked me. could it be that there is a glitch in the website

  43. does anyone know how to get access to a private facebook album? i know how to get a list of all albums the user is tagged in, even the private ones. i can see the albums url, name, default pic, location, date and amount of pics, plus a link that says “view album” but it shows “content not found” once i clicked on it.

  44. Heather, it could be that they deactivated their account for a few months, and just reactivated it recently. It would seem as if they had you blocked, but really not so.

  45. How can I see if a person has put me in his limited profile list (it means I can only see his limited profile) ?

  46. I have a question I dont think has been covered
    There is a person on my friends page on facebook who is “private” is there a way for me to find out who that is?

  47. their picture is a question mark and when i click it, it goes to my home page.

  48. how i can add person without wait 4 accepte

  49. how about when i dont have any comment from the friend that i wanna know if she blocked me or she deactivated the account?

    i repeat: i have only PM from she (Private Message) No Comment

  50. someone keeps changing my password on om facebook account and my hotmail.. is there anyway i can stop this?

  51. john doe

    i know they did nt deactivated there account b/c i went on one of my friends and she is stll on it. But when i search them sometimes they come up. this may seem that they are blocking and unblocking me but when i search them repeatability over and over they seem to sometimes come up and sometimes not come up. does this make snce?

    Sorry to all other users

  52. sorry to all other users i dont have any help for you

  53. sarah: how do you know it after it’s changed? set different passwords for your account..hard to guess ones,, and scan your computer for key loggers and viruses

    Heather: am not really sure, but you could be on limited profile…there is no such thing as “sometimes show” and “somtimes not” its either this or that :) i do not think s\he keeps blocking\unblocking you, its not likely, but could be you’re changing something with the search query?

  54. Micheal: you can use the technique mentioned above to get their name by ID (from the send message dialog)

    hossam: no

    Enrico: am not sure…but could be possible

  55. I added someone the other day and emailed them. now there name is dark black I cant search them or find them. and all the wall msgs are gone that she posted on her friends lists!. What does this mean a deactivated account? or just blocked me and put me on private

  56. oops i mean blocked me and put her profile on a private account!

  57. Is there any way you can see someones wall, pictures, etc. if there account isn’t blocked but that info is and you are not friends with them?

  58. sean: no

  59. hi all, i want to block someone & he has privacy profile , i can view his profile but not all profile information , i want to block him but i cann’t find him in facebook search
    how can i block him , please help

  60. i just tried to get onto my boyfriends profile and his name wasn’t coming up in my friends list.
    checked my inbox, and all his messages are still there, but i cant get onto his profile, and its saying i need to add him as a friend again???
    can anyone explain what might have happened??

  61. I have a fb friend and in her profile says that she has 5 fotos!when i m going to see them,i can see only one!How can i see them?

  62. guys..

    i know this gurl’s name i know which country she lives in .. how do i find her profile so i could get to add her.. she is in none of my networks.. how do i get to find her profile?

  63. i admit i found this site so im lame too, but this thread seems a little stalkerish.

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