Facebook ID extractor – Facebook Friends to CSV

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Facebook ID extractor

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  1. […] can read here to know how to extract friends id’s from the friend’s page to a text(CSV) […]

  2. not working!

  3. well, am sorry, as i said it has been written in 15 mins and was not tested on other accounts than mine, so yes :) i expect it to have some bugs.

    can you please email me what happened exactly and if you can send me a copy of the file you tried to parse on my email.
    and i will try my best to fix it

    thanks :)

  4. I seem to have saved the file as a .htm (saved as Save HTML) and the program you have won’t take the file? It says it’s the wrong extention.

  5. hmm, try renaming the file as .html not just .htm
    i’ll check the code again soon… i forgot what extensions it was allowing :)

  6. I tried it but it wont give me any names or ids for a particular person – does it mean im on the blocked – llist?

  7. Im looking for a way to actually extract the login email adresses of my friends and othyer users on FB – For example aspecific group; friends and non friends… Is this possible???

  8. […] Facebook ID extractor – Facebook Friends to CSV « Charafantah’s cave Says: November 12th, 2007 at 11:11 am […]

  9. hi i just want ask if it is possible to see the profile of somebody who blocked me on facebook? because i guess my husband is cheating on me and i know the girl but when im trying to find her it’s just saying bad entry.. please help me with this.. i just want to know the truth..

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