Tourist in Egypt – خمسة سياحة

I had some friends coming from the US and they wanted to visit some touristic places in Egypt et all.

So i decided to take them to a couple of places trying to *impress* them with the Egyptian *civilization*, anyway, since my last year experience with foreigners at the pyramids REALLY sucked, and was very embarrassing, i decided to change the plan a little bit.

We first went to the Egyptian Musuem in Tahrir , it was ok, the tickets are 50 for foreigners and 2LE for Egyptians.
There was no one annoying us, or trying to trick us, or pushing us to buy stuff from him like it was at the pyramids.

We went in, AND….. i was really shocked, i hadn’t been to the museum in like 5 years, i couldn’t really remember if it was like that before or not.

But trust me, IT SUCKED! everything is dirty, no good lighting at all, i could barely see anything, all the description and writing is bad and non informative.

All the antiquities showed are in a VERY poor condition, the place is very crowded and VERY unorganized, there are even statues thrown on the floor and covered under the dust.

There is no way you’d understand anything from the explanation written on items unless you rent a private tour guide.

Long story short, they were really bored and un-interested in everything they saw, i felt the same too….well maybe except for the Tutankhamen mask and the mummies room (which costs 100LE for foreigners extra)

So we left, and headed to the Citadel of Saladin, they wouldn’t let us park there, so we left the car in Azhar park, and took a taxi to the citadel. I must say the view is really amazing from up there.

As soon as we got in, some photographer tried to convince them that the *tour* starts from his shop and wanted to take pictures of them in Pharaonic cloths. Luckily i spoke a couple of words in arabic, and the guy left us alone.

We had to take a long walk until we got inside, and there was nothing much to see, except the architect of the Muhammed Ali mosque , which is amazingly excellent.


We took a tour around the place, we entered the police museum and the Qasr Al jawhara museum, I must say they both sucked, nothing interesting at all, everything in a VERY poor condition, the place smelled and the rooms with jewelry and interesting stuff were closed.


We left, took a taxi back to Al Azhar park, we had dinner in Trianon up on the hill. We really enjoyed that dinner, it was excellent, the weather was great, the food is more than perfect.

So, until when we will not take care of our history and our tourism industry

Will we ever treat the tourists in a good way?

Will we ever take care of our monuments and provide a good environment\place to show them?

i must say, that if i was a tourist visiting Egypt who is willing to know about the Egyptian history, i wouldn’t probably come to Egypt, i think I’ll go to the British Museum. Or just go to another country that takes care of their history and provide a good environment for tourists.

But! i had a lot of fun that day, it was nice after all that time in Saudi arabia, i had to do something like that, even with all the negative things i saw, there is room for improvements (i have high hopes for the new Egyptian Museum being built now on the Cairo-Alex desert road)

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  1. This was useful to read since I have a friend coming over from the states on the 3rd of April. Thank you!

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