The Countryside – الفلاحين

My mom had to visit some relatives who lives in the countryside last week, guess who had to drive her there? yep, thats me.

Let me tell you something, driving in Cairo, is like heaven comparing to driving there. first of all, there is no such thing as a “Street” it’s like a myth there… all what’s available is just a road of dust, full of holes.

And if you find anything similar to what we call a “street” it won’t be exactly as we know it.

The amount of speed bumps in any street, is directly proportional with the amount of people living in that village, that’s because (according t my guesses) when a new baby is born, his father build him a bump. زى ما عندنا كدة العقيقة و ندبح عجل…هناك بيبنوا مطب

The total distance traveled from my home in Nasr City, to our relatives is 103KM which should be drove in less than an hour on any normal road.
BUT!!! according to the amount of speed bumps i told you about, i got there in 2 hours 45 mins.

Yes, that’s almost 37Km\Hour, it’s like moving slowly in Salah Salem at 6:00pm on Thursday night. BUT FOR ALMOST 3 HOURS!!!!!

But i can’t really say they’re wrong about that, because in the very small space between 2 bumps, i’ve seen the most crazy and dumbest drivers ever in my life.

If they removed the bumps, i guess the Egyptian population would decrease by 25% in less than a week.

Off course, on my way, i’ve passed through many villages عزب و قرى و نجوع وكل حاجة.
so seeing names like “, كفر شبرا بلومة,,شطانوف,,,كفر أبو طشت,,بهمس””Shatanof, Kafr Abou Tesht, Bahmas” is very normal .

I was speaking to our relative there, and he told me the origin of some of the names, let’s have a look:

Current Name

Original Name

الإسم الحالى

الإسم الأصلى


Chateaux Neuf

French for: “The new Castle”


شاتو نوف


Saint George


سان جورج


Saint Theresa


سانت تيريزا

I must also say, that i ate some AMAZING food, stuffed pigeons, vine leaves, ro2a2 and fried ducks :Dحمام و بط و رقاق و ورق عنب

It was nice,,, really nice, apart from the driving part, and the dust everywhere…i had fun :)

5 Responses

  1. you mean you had fun eating!

  2. well… :) yea…food has been a very entertaining topic to me lately :)

    no, seriously, it was a good experience…

  3. you are tagged :D

  4. man my French culture tells me Neuf = nine , that goes castle 9 or the ninth castle, eh?

  5. well, soufi…. your “french culture” is a bit misleading you :)
    neuf also means new in french :)

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