Ras Mohammed – راس محمد

Am going to Ras Mohammed protectorate today :) i’ll be camping there for 2 days.


With nothing but 3 of my friends, sleeping bags and canned food….we’ll see if we’ll survive :)

Pictures by Anel Van Veelen

Expect new stories to tell when am back :)

3 Responses

  1. i was there last summer and it was breath taking .
    make sure 1- you can dive
    2- have an underwater camera or get an underwater casing to yours .

  2. Hi Charaftah ,
    welcome back , i hope you had nice time out there .
    can you inform me with what is required and how to go camping in Ras Mohamed ?
    is there any kind of permissions to take before that ? and what is the authority who manages this ? is it the police or the Army (Border Guards) ?
    also , what is the needed gear for 2- 3 days of camping there ?
    and what kind of activities are available to do there beside snorkeling , specially at the night.

    thanks in advance.
    Regards :

  3. Thanks Maidoo…
    i just came back like 30mins ago :)
    i have documented everything in the trip, please expect a VERY long post tomorrow or the day after explaining EVERY single detail on how to camp in Ras Mohammed, because i didn’t find any valuable resources online at all :)

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