Your guide for camping in Ras Mohammed – دليلك للتخييم فى راس محمد

Before  I go to Ras Mohammed, i tried to plan my trip before i go from online resources, as I usually do. Only to be surprised by the lack of information! there is NOTHING useful whatsoever about going to Ras Mohammed protectorate or on camping there.

So now after i came back, i decided to write this “homage” post explaining every thing you might need to know about camping in Ras Mohammed.

Here’s a summary followed by full details:

  • Camping allowed: Yes
  • Entrance time: 8:00am to 6:00pm
  • Cost: 5LE entrance fee
  • No permissions needed (everything done by the rangers at the gate)
  • Mobile signal: everywhere
  • Electricity: no
  • Non salty water: at the gates (not available after 6:00pm)
  • Distance from Sharm El Sheikh: 20km
  • Toilets: not recommended :)
  • Places to visit: Mangroove channel, Earthquake crack, Yolanda beach (diving), Main beach (snorkeling), Observatory beach (EXCELLENT scenery)
  • Recommended Camping time: 3days 2 nights

Before i go, i called the protectorate on these numbers: (069)366-0668/0559 they are available from early in the morning (7:00am) to noon. I asked about permissions and entrance fees and time, they told me that i could enter from sunrise (i asked if 6:00am was ok, they said yes….but in real life it was no :) )

We arrived early, you’ll know you’re there when you see the huge statues at the gates shown in the picture below, you’ll also be around 20KM away from Sharm. We had to stay until 8:00am for the rangers to come

Ras mohammed protectorate entrance

As soon as they came, they were very friendly, they checked our ID’s gave us the tickets, each ticket is 5LE + 5LE for the car. They asked if we will camp, and asked for how many days. They gave us a few information about the place and on where to camp.

Ras mohammed entrance sign

ras mohammed entrance gate

We had a map of the protectorate and a GPS device (i’ll put the coordinates soon).

As soon as we entered, we headed to the Visitors center, there was only us there, we met one of the workers, he showed us a 20mins movie about the protectorate in the video room(it was nice, but it seemed rather old and boring).

ras mohammed sign

We then had a glance at the museum in the visitors center, nothing really interesting there, but you’re not going to spend more than 15mins there anyway.

ras mohammed gates

We then headed to the camping area, it’s just next to the laboratories building, it’s guarded by borders guards, they asked the same questions we got asked at the gates and let us in.

There are 3 main places to camp, each separated by a small hill which makes it private. The best one is the one in the middle, the beach is sandy and not full of rocks like the others, it’s nice if you have kids or don’t have your swimming shoes. Though the corals there are not as good the main beach or Yolanda beach, it’s nice if you’re too lazy to go anywhere else while camping.

We chose a place for our tent, unloaded our stuff and left them there. We then headed to the Mangroove channel (المنجروف). It’s nice to see all these trees growing from the salty water, it was a little bit crowded then, there was like 3 buses full of Italian visitors :)

We then headed to the earthquake crack(شق الزلزال), which is a huge crack in the land that was done by an earthquake, and the water started to flow in the crack.

Right next to it, there is the Magic Bay (الخليج المسحور), the water magically disappear and then reappears later in the same day!!! (i couldn’t see it happen, but a friend of mine did)

We then headed to the Observatory beach, where you climb a small mountain (hill), well, actually you don’t really climb, there are stairs. On the top of it, there is a telescope (?) and there is the MOST AMAZING VIEW YOU COULD EVER SEE. You’d see Aqaba bay and Suez bay at the same time, a lot of yachts, corals, turquoise water and a lot of birds and falcons.

We then tried to snorkel at the main beach, but it was too windy on that day and were cold and tired, so we headed back to the camp.

Here is a list of the stuff you need to bring with you:

  • Sleeping bags (very important)
  • A tent (to sleep in with the sleeping bag, not REALLY important, but it will help a lot with the ants, bees and flies)
  • Swiss Knife (very handy)
  • A butane stove (unless you want to eat raw, cold and tasteless food)
    butane stove
  • Canned food, bread etc (you could also have some BBQ if you have an ice box)
  • Ice box (if you have one, not really necessary)
  • Water and drinks
  • Candles (you could use empty bottles to put the candles in, use the swiss knife to cut them in halves)
  • Flash light
  • Camera + batteries
  • GPS (if you have one)
  • Hammock (if you have one :) )
  • Music + book + entertainment stuff (a.k.a Games)
  • Wood & coal to make camp fire (there is wood in the protectorate, right after the the camping area entrance, on the left, there is a huge pile of unused stuff, you can take wood from there, but it’s not guaranteed to fulfill all your needs, or to be there when you go :) )
  • Matches & lighter
  • Marshmallows (for camp fire :D )
  • Waste bags
  • Snorkeling gear (or diving gear)
  • Swimming shoes (you don’t want to walk on the rocks\corals with bare foot)
  • Insect repellent (OFF!) and insects killer (New Pyrosol, ra7et el zanna :P )
  • First aid kit (didn’t use it, but could be handy)
  • Plastic plates, cups, forks etc
  • Toilet paper & Tissues
  • Binoculars (if you have one)
  • Jacket (could be a bit chilli)

You are not allowed to go outside the camping area or use your car after 6:00pm until 8:00am, but you can have a walk on the beach around the camping area.
There is nothing to do at night, except watching the stars, walking on the beach, listening to the waves, sitting around the camp fire, playing games, talking with friends, listening to music, reading a book, eating marshmallows, cooking tea on the camp fire.  :D

ras mohammed camp fire

You have to watch out from the ants and insects, they will attack as soon as they smell food :) and they are very persistent.

Do not worry about seeing flashing lights in the sky, it’s not UFOs, it’s the discotheques in Sharm El Sheikh. :)

Ras mohammed map
Here is a map
of the protectorate from Parks Egypt

It’s a great experience, you have to try it, it’s one of the most amazing places in the world, it’s really fun and you’ll never forget the adventure of camping there.

12 Responses

  1. I wanna go camping!

  2. you HAVE to!! :) it’s an amazing experience you’ll never forget….
    am going to St. Catherine, Dahab and Taba next weekend :)
    I think am in love with Sinai…. :)
    i don’t think i’ll have any extra money to live to the end of the month, but i just can’t help it :)

  3. interesting post…
    i got a couple of questions for you ..
    can a family go camping there with young children as young as 2 ?
    what would you do with GPS thing there exactly…?

  4. Yes off course a family could go, but you would need extra care to protect them from the insects and to take care of them while you’re snorkeling ;)

    GPS is not necessary at all, but it’s a nice toy.
    It would tell you if you want to take a shortcut, you’ll know where to turn before hand, so you don’t have to keep looking for a small passage of the main road.
    You’ll know how long is it to reach somewhere.
    And you won’t have to ask for directions anymore :)

    but as i said, it’s just a luxury :)

    Please move all the comments to my new blog at: i have moved all the posts from this blog there, this blog is no longer active :)

  5. grat info THNAKS for thinking about “those who folow in your footsteps”
    is it possible to do dives inn Ras M independantly or do you need to go with an operator

  6. i’ve been there , camping for a week , i did it twice , i will do it again , it is marvelous
    if u contacted the people in charge for ras mohamed , u will be able to set a deal : to work as a volunteer for two hours a day , and they will give u the cabin near the at the entrance of the camping area on the left ” in front of the wood piles” , when i was there i worked in cleaning the mangrove trees , putting road signs and stuff like that , it will be quite interesting doing this with your friends, if it is the first time to go , i recommend volunteering , but for the 2nd time , i went for just enjoying camping

    it is very recommended to go , at night the sky is phenomenal , sitting by the camp fire is priceless under the stars , everyone should do it for once at least

  7. I’m really grateful to find these tips before my 3 days leave to Ras Muhammad. I searched google to know whether camping there was safe at all since last time I went to Ras Muhammad I left my sun glasses and went back to sharm. I went back to Ras Muhammad and found the sun glasses, but what made me anxious was that EVERYBODY left!!! no security, no close gates, nothing!

    • :) i believe ras muhammed is very safe, as you say there is no security, no closed gates, the only thing is a couple of sleepy soldiers of “7aras el 7odoud” and a metal chain :) but still, we used to leave all our bags and camp for the whole day and nothing was ever missing :)
      have a lovely trip

      Please use my new website instead, i dont use this blog anymore

  8. thanks alot, it was very helpful information

  9. hey, thanks for all the information because i’ve been searching a lot about camping in ras mohammed and didn’t find any useful information except from u. i’m going to camp there in the mid year vacation isa so i want to know if its easy to go there without having ur own car with all this stuff u r having with u?? and if it all can be packed in one bag??

  10. you are welcome,ziad………but my advice to you is to mind your own buisness and just spend your vacation in the “bousan-agooza”…….yahbal

  11. HAHAHAHAHHAAAAHAA ya mo3’afal ekteb bostan sa7 el awel :P:P

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